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Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

Date Added: December 29, 2008 01:57:41 PM
Author: Timothy Shaw
Category: Reference: General
I've always had a thing about. The cuckoo clocks that really intrigued me were the ones that had the little dancers that come out and spin every quarter, half and top of the hour. Some have weather forecasting. Some are very intricate, with carvings of animals and trees. Some play music as well as having the cuckoo. The Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks are world famous. In the year 1737, the first cuckoo clock was developed by Franz Ketterer, a clockmaker in the city of Schoenwald in the Black Forest. With the style and design, plus the affectionately and detailed wood-carvings; the system of the call of the cuckoo and also the mechanical clock movement are maintained to this day. The unique styles have made the Cuckoo Clock a timeless design. The first cuckoo clocks were primitive compared to those made later. Their movements were made with wooden plates and gears. Many of the clocks had square faces painted with water color paints. As time went on, the cuckoo clocks became more sophisticated in their designs and decorations. The birds' wings and beaks were animated and some decorated with feathers. The many themes decorating the clocks were only limited to the imagination of the painters of the faces for the clocks. They included scenes of family, hunting, military motifs and more. Some were even decorated with porcelain columns and enameled dials. Some of the more famous early cuckoo clock makers in the Black Forest were Theodore Ketterer, Johann Baptist Beha and Fidel Hepting. By the late 1800s the cuckoo industry was some what industrialized. Many cuckoo clocks were being made in factories, but sometimes families would live and work together. Each member would work on the part of the clock in which they specialized. Some did carvings, some decorated clock faces, while others fit movements into cases. When my daughter was in high school, she befriended a young lady from Germany, and was invited to come stay with her and her family for 2 weeks after graduation. She knew how much I've always wanted a cuckoo clock, but could never afford to buy one. So, as a souvenir of her trip, she bought me a genuine German cuckoo clock. It is a very small clock, only about 6 inches total length, but it sure is a cute cuckoo clock! It winds up with a key, and has a pendulum, but it doesn't have the weights that a regular cuckoo clock has. It was all she could afford to buy at the time, and it means a great deal to me, because I know she bought it out of love for her mom! I'll always admire Black Forest cuckoo clocks, but I don't think buying a new one is even an option, now that I've been given this very special cuckoo clock from my wonderful, and thoughtful daughter.
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