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Taliscope or Talisman-Horoscope

Date Added: November 12, 2008 02:00:43 PM
Author: Tito
Category: News & Media: Weird News
Taliscope or Talisman-Horoscope The year 2009 will be marked by the launch of a brand new product, Taliscope ( http://www.taliscope.com), already in high demand by Internet users and will be broadcast on a daily basis. The Taliscope is a talismanic calendar which provides for each day of the year a talisman in the form of a magic square of order 4, whose first line is made up of figures of the current date of the day. The Taliscope combines several parallel sciences as clairvoyance, esotericism and astrology. Known for millennia, by definition, a magic square is a square with the sum of each of 4 rows, 4 columns and 2 diagonals always gives the same total, called magic total. Among famous magic squares, there is the Chinese Lo-shu (3x3 square dating from 2800 BC under Emperor Yu-Huang), the square of order 4 in the famous engraving Melancholy of German painter Albrecht D??rer (1514), that of order 8 by the American president Benjamin Franklin (1750), the square of order 4 of the Sagrada Familia or angels'cathedral in Barcelona, by the architect Antoni Gaud?­ (1884). For each month of the year, there are some thirty talisgrams or taliszips, detachable and printable, so that we can carry as lucky charm, mascot or talisman for the day. In the taliscope each year is marked by the vibration of 6 (six) specific numbers which are found in all the 365 daily talisgrams and are always at the same positions in each of magic squares. The first two pairs of characteristics numbers of the year [21 - 8 and 7 - 18 for the year 2009] are formed by a sub-square 2x2 in the middle of the first two columns of all talisgrams, while the last pair of numbers [6 - 19 in 2009] can be found at the end of the last line of talisgrams. In addition, each month of the year is placed under the vibration of his own talismanic number. The latter is the rank of the month reduced by one unit. The successive talismanic numbers will therefore go from 0 to 11, or 0 in January, 1 in February ... up to 11 in December. The position of talismanic number is stable in all talisgrams. The monthly talismanic number is always located at the intersection of the second line and the last column of each square-talisman. While the horoscope confines itself to identify your destiny, good or bad, but without more, the Taliscope protects you against the evil spell, with the magic square-talisman. Contrary to the horoscope which makes use of the language of words or alphabets, a variable language, unstable and with its "false friends" [for example, French word "librairie" is not library in English but rather bookstore!], the Taliscope uses the language of numbers , a pure language, universal and stable over time and space. The language of numbers is a language without blemish, in a divine perfection, which gives back to the complex all its logic simplicity, in a harmonious symphony. Some authors have often praise the wonderful and magical world of numbers. Thus, Pythagoras (c. 570 - c. 490 BC.), Greek philosopher and mathematician, said "The numbers govern the world" and also "Everything is number." Considering that the universe is governed by numbers, Pythagoras has established the foundations of modern numerology. In the seventeenth century, Galileo said: "God is a mathematician", because all from him has always a logic. In 1932, Kurt G?¶del, published his theorem, which says that any theory based on numbers contains proposals say "ind?©ciclables", ie surely true, but none provable. However, "The days are perhaps equal to a clock, but not for a human." (Marcel Proust). Tito Webmaster Taliscope http://www.taliscope.com
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