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How to create a website with alot of traffic virtually free!!

Date Added: February 20, 2009 09:02:43 PM
Author: sandi
Category: Computers & Internet: World Wide Web: Site Announcement and Promotion
1. Choose the type of website you want to create then choose the name but FIRST research the main keywords you will use for your site as the keyword is best used as also part of your website name even if you use (-'s) dashes. 2. Before choosing a hosting company, determine what your site is going to do so therefore what software do you need to install so you know what systems you need available from a hosting company. 3. Research pricing for hosting companies by going to google search and inputting 'website hosting'. Look for the companies that can supply your needs and companies which appear to offer some support (more of this later.) Choose a hosting company which also offers an autoresponder for your emails. You also need a database in order to create your mailing lists and collecting your visitors names and email addresses as they allow. 4. Either create your site or search and find someone who is reasonable in price to do so. Maybe Craigslist? Upon posting your site, make sure you set up your email for your site. If you need a very simple 'start-up' type website, we can help you. Just email us. CONTACTUS 5. Make sure your site has a link trading system as in order to become important on the internet, one very important element is back links from credible sites pointing to your site as well as traffic. Software which allows you to view google ranking and alexa ranking is extremely helpful. We highly recommend the software 'link' we have on our BACKLINK PAGE. 6. Submit your site for free to the basic search engines. 7. Submit your site to free internet directories. If it requires a reciprocal link, learn first how to evaluate the link you are trading with to ensure it will not 'harm' the work you are doing. More on this later. 8. Sign up on quality Link Exchange websites to get more backlinks. Again scrutinize the quality (content, ranking, and current traffic history) before agreeing to exchange links. If you have a goal to have a high ranking site, then the content, ranking and traffic of the site you link to is VERY important. 9. Join a couple of traffic generating websites. Make sure you are careful of the sites you join and what their costs are. These are pennies compared to paying for adwords if selecting the right websites. 10. Write an informative article relating to the content of your site and post this for free on MANY websites that allow you to do so. Make sure you place a link back to your site as signature at the bottom of all articles. These become a link back to your site when other webmaster use them. 11. Research websites which offer 'text links' for sale. Find a site with compatible content to your site. Evaluate the quality of the targeted website BEFORE you purchase this position and make sure you are getting front page exposure from them. Good sites have a google ranking of 4/10 or better. 12. Create a blog with the main content and name directed to the content and hopefully, your main keyword for your site. Place a hyper-link on the blog to your 'money' site or your main target site. Do not use the blog to make money. The blogs are created to be informative. 13. Sign up to a website which adds fresh content to your blog so your visitors are always presented with fresh information. You can also use this system to add 'good' information to your website but keep in mind that most of the time, the article consists of a back link to the site providing it so again, check on the quality of that site BEFORE placing it on your main site. If the site providing it is a google banned site, you can possibly affect your google ranking and/or become also banned. 14. Create a sensational situation that would be newsworthy to the world. Make a press release using the necessary elements which would cause a press reporter to read this. Submit this to MANY websites who accept this. 15. Still need more traffic? If you are selling a product, research 'free classified ads, or other free places you can place your product and sometimes you can even place your services. Be careful as many do not allow you to place a link to your site. It could get you blocked from using their site. NOTE: Continue to daily list your site on various directories and exchange links with worthy sites to add to your importance on the internet. This should be an on-going procedure. Continue to periodically write more articles. There are more tricks, maneuvers and secrets used that you can do and we will be adding that too. http://www.internetmarketingservicessite.com
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