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Increase sales - with sales training

Date Added: February 20, 2009 11:44:53 AM
Author: Frank OTools
Category: Business & Economy: Business Training
People often ask me, how can I increase my sales? Will sales training help me? How can I hit my target every month etc. Well the obvious answer to the question of sales training is yes it will help depending on the quality of the sales training course you attend. One caveat to the above is that the essence of knowledge is using it and there is no point attending a sales training course, developing new skills gaining new ideas and not putting them in to action. People often return from a sales training course full of enthusiasm and prepared to try new ideas but find the first prospect they speak with using the new technique says no, they then revert back to their old ways saying the new skills they learned on the training course did not work. It s important that sales people persevere with new sales skills and knowledge they acquire on the course. When it comes to increasing sales there are only 2 things you can do, the first of these is to find plenty of prospects who may have a need or want for your product or service. The more prospects you have the better your prospects and always remember ?ˆ?if you have no prospects you have no prospects! You also have to qualify are these people really a prospect or a suspect? A suspect is just a name where as a prospect is a name that you have qualified as being some one who does have a need for your service or product, also has the ability to pay for the product and also has the authority to make the decision on the sale. Once you have enough prospects it means sales are easier and less pressurised, because as long as you have plenty of people to contact ?ˆ“it doesn?ˆ™t really matter whether this person buys because there will always be some one else who will buy. Good prospectors are not overly worried about whether people purchase as they have the numbers in their favour. They work on the basis of SW/ SW /SW which means some will buy some won?ˆ™t so what. You see once you have enough prospects, some formal sales training and understand your sales numbers (activity to sales) the pressure is off. The second thing you can do is become more effective at each of the steps of the sale, this includes areas such as rapport building, questioning, listening, presenting the product, closing and dealing with objections. These are all skills that can be learned on any effective sales training course, So when people ask me how do I achieve more sales the answer is easy ?ˆ“increase your activity (the number of prospects you ask to purchase) and improve your sales skills. Both of these can be easily addressed by attending effective sales training courses Would you like to increase sales with sales training? Frank O?ˆ™Toole from Premier Training is helping people to achieve with sales training courses, let?ˆ™s achieve.
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